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Happy New Year Rotman! Welcome to the latest edition of the Rotman Digital Newsletter! Below you will find the latest tips and tricks on Quercus and all things digital learning.

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Creating Pre-defined Breakout Groups on BB Collaborate (Video)

Are your students organized into project teams? Would you like them to meet in those teams during class? By creating a separate session for each team before class begins, students can easily arrange themselves into their own rooms. Click here to watch a video on how to set this up.


Quercus Update:

Student View Change

Canvas (Quercus) has released an update to the Student View tool. It can now be accessed from any page in a Quercus course by clicking the glasses icon in the top-right corner. Previously it was only available on the Home page. Click here for more information on how to access and use Student View.


Question Bank Managers for Quercus

If you find the process of building quiz questions in Quercus clunky, you may want to try a question bank manager. These are helpful when you want to create and store questions outside of Quercus and import them to your course page at assessment time. Click here to learn more about external question bank managers.


Auto-Captioning in MS Teams

Live captions make your meeting more accessible to learners with hearing impairments, people with different levels of language proficiency, and those in loud environments. Click here for more information.


Basics of Online Teaching

With the Winter term upon us it is important to ensure that you are caught up on the basics of online teaching. We've set up a few pages to help. They cover course structure, teaching tools, asynchronous videos, and more. Click here to take a look.