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January 19 2021

Hello Rotman! Welcome to the latest edition of the Rotman Digital Newsletter! Below you will find the latest tips and tricks on Quercus and all things digital learning.

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UT OMR - Uploading Comments to Quercus

Have you ever wanted to upload comments to Quercus? The UT Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) Grade Upload tool allows you to upload comments from Excel directly to Speedgrader. Click here for more information on how to enable and use this feature.


Simple Technical Considerations for a Live Class

As we settle into the semester, it is helpful to review this short list of simple but effective technical considerations when running a synchronous class. These tips will help improve the live class experience for students and for the instructor. Click here to explore.


Upcoming MS Teams Breakout Group Webinar

MS Teams breakout rooms are here! If you are planning on using them or want to learn more, check out this lunchtime webinar by Connect+Learn on Thursday, January 21, 2021 at 12pm. Topics covered will include: setup, best practices, managing breakout groups, and more. Click here to register.


How to Extend Course Dates on Quercus (Video)

There may be situations that call for extended access to a course page beyond the end of the term. For example, you have an assignment due, you would like to add people to the course, or you would like to give students extended access to participate in a discussion board. Click here to watch a short video explaining how to extend the end date of a course.


Home Studio Design

Improving your teaching space can immediately improve the quality of your live online classes. This article from Harvard Business Publishing gives helpful tips on improving your at-home teaching setup. The example shown in the article is ambitious, but it is a great example of what can be done.