Instructional Design Edition

March 16, 2021

Welcome to the Instructional Design edition of the Rotman Digital Newsletter. This week we focus on key instructional design principles including learning outcomes, course structure, and assessment design.

If you're teaching in the 2021 Summer term you may choose to incorporate some of these strategies in your planning. If you would like to book a consultation with our instructional designer, Ivan Chow please contact us at,


Instructional Design with Ivan Chow (Video)

Ivan shares his expertise and answers some important questions about learning outcomes, curriculum design, and assessment in this short video interview. Click here to watch.


Curriculum Design in Dual/Online Delivery Courses

We have created a document that describes the process of designing curriculum from start to finish ensuring that design decisions match mode of delivery. Click here to take a look.


Bloom's Taxonomy of Action Verbs

Bloom's Taxonomy is a familiar concept for educators. Building on Ivan's insights above, click here to access the list of action verbs that can be utilised in the development of learning outcomes.

This additional document on Bloom's Taxonomy focuses on assessments and learning activities.


Course Structure Template

This simple Course Structure Template can be a useful tool when mapping your curriculum (Click "Download" for a local copy). By organizing course-level learning outcomes by topic, and then subtopics, you can identify mismatches or gaps between learning outcomes and learning activities. 


Student Learning Outcomes: A Primer

This article from Southern New Hampshire University discusses the importance of creating measurable learning outcomes and how they can drastically improve student learning. It highlights the differences between course and program-level learning outcomes and how they interact. Click here to read more.