New Rotman Digital Website!

March 30, 2021

Welcome to the latest edition of the Rotman Digital Newsletter. Today we are excited to announce the launch of the new Rotman Digital website:

The site is organized around six themes:

• A basic overview of online teaching and learning at Rotman;

• Principles of course design;

• Using Quercus;

• Best practices for synchronous classes;

• Tools and how-to guides for video creation, and;

• Design ideas for online assessments

Each section contains detailed guides along with pedagogical considerations and recommendations.

The site also contains an archive of past editions of this newsletter and a regularly-updated research page focused on current trends in online learning. If there is content that you would like to see covered, please let us know at

The Teaching Online at Rotman Quercus page is still available but we are reserving it for content that is specific to Rotman faculty. For example, you will find internal teaching and learning webinars, information about the Rotman Hub, and coming soon, detailed guides to teaching dual-delivery courses. 


Grade Posting Policy on Quercus (Video)

This video discusses Grade Posting Policies in Quercus. We demonstrate how to adjust the GPP at the course level and for individual assignments and quizzes. We also explore the implications of selecting a manual vs automatic grade posting policy. Click here to watch.


Quercus Updates

The March 20th edition of Canvas (Quercus) Release Notes highlights changes to the platform, including a new webcam submission option for assignments. Click here to learn more. 




Coursera Partner Consortium

The University of Toronto has recently joined the Coursera Partner Consortium giving our community access to an extensive catalogue of self-directed courses and free certifications. Certificates typically carry a cost of $49.99 and give learners access to graded assessments and additional content. Click here to learn more.