Welcome Back from the Long Weekend!

May 25, 2021

Good morning Rotman! Below you will find tips and tricks on Quercus and all things digital learning.

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Student Annotation Submission Type

Canvas (Quercus) has recently added a new assignment submission type: Student Annotation. This submission type allows instructors to provide a file to students which they can then annotate directly in Quercus and re-submit to their instructor for gradingClick here to learn more.


Miro Whiteboard

Miro is an interactive whiteboard tool designed for live, collaborative group activities. It's useful for design workshops, ice breakers, group resource creation, mind mapping, collaborative brainstorming, and other group activities. Education accounts are available for classes with up to 100 students. Click here to learn more.


UT Advanced Grouping Tool

The UTAGT is a useful tool for staff or faculty who need to upload project groups to Quercus. It allows for batch-imports of student groups from a CSV or Excel file saving you the hassle of manually adding groups in Quercus. UTAGT can create new groups or populate existing ones. Click here to learn more about UTAGT.


Develop More Impactful Asynchronous Course Material

Development of asynchronous videos is very important, and will continue to be moving forward. This article by The Harvard Business Review discusses how you can create more impactful videos using the "3Cs" framework. This means optimizing your ability as a creator, curator and connector. Click here for the full article.