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July 7th, 2021

Good morning Rotman! 

In this week's edition we welcome Geoff Leonardelli as Rotman Digital's newest faculty liaison. His experience redesigning his course over the past year and willingness to share make him a wonderful resource for faculty, especially those in the course-design phase for the upcoming term. 

We are also pleased to release our first round of documentation supporting instructors teaching dual delivery courses this fall. Support is available from the Rotman Digital team and A/V over the coming weeks, including opportunities to test out our newly-retrofitted classrooms in August. Stay tuned for details on training dates.

For more information on course design, video creation, and Quercus please visit our website: rotmandigital.ca

If ever you have feedback or questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact us at rotmandigital@rotman.utoronto.ca


Welcoming Geoff Leonardelli as Rotman Digital's newest

Faculty Liaison 

This week we are very pleased to announce that Geoff Leonardelli is Rotman Digital's newest faculty liaison. As you likely know, Geoff is a professor of Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management here at Rotman. He is a proponent of synchronous and interactive online teaching and has enjoyed great success redesigning his negotiations course for online delivery over the past year. Faculty can contact Geoff to discuss ideas or ask questions via email at geoffrey.leonardelli@rotman.utoronto.ca.


Dual Delivery

A new module is now available on the Teaching Online at Rotman course page designed to support instructors teaching dual delivery courses this fall. The module covers curriculum design, creation of assessments, and broader pedagogical considerations for structuring a dual delivery course. As our classrooms are retrofitted over the coming months we will add technical recommendations on how to make dual delivery work for you. Click here to learn more.


Extending Time on an Ongoing Quiz (Video)

This short video guide demonstrates how to give individual students extra time while a Quercus quiz is underway. Students will occasionally experience connection issues during a quiz which could result in lost time. This guide demonstrates how you can quickly add that back time. Click here to watch.


Engage Your Students in Your Online Course

Levels of student engagement are excellent predictors of student success, especially in online courses. This article by Contact North shares 20 ways to increase levels of online engagement, including storyboarding, mind mapping, peer assessment, and more. Feel free to use this resource to mine new ideas. Click here to read.


Track U of T System Updates and Outages

Occasionally you may find that a university system is not working as expected. In these situations we recommend consulting UofT's system status page for updates. You may also want to register for email notifications to be informed of outages and scheduled maintenance. Click here to visit the system status page.