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October 13th, 2021

Good morning Rotman!  

This week we feature a video that explores Open Educational Resources and how they can be incorporated into Quercus courses. We also highlight an upcoming Contact North webinar focused on creating engaging experiences in Zoom breakout rooms. 

Below we also explore the UofT Advanced Group Tool (UTAGT). Have you ever needed to pull a list of student email addresses and found that there's no obvious way to do it? The tools we typically use in Quercus only scratch the surface of what is available and in this case, the UTAGT provides the solution. You'll find detailed instructions below.

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Open Education Resources (OER) Video

The Rotman Digital website now includes a page on Open Education Resources featuring a video with Instructional Designer, Ivan Chow. In the video Ivan explains how instructors can effectively incorporate free and open educational resources in their courses. Click here to explore.


Open Faculty Patchbook

The Open Faculty Patchbook is described as a "Community Quilt of Pedagogy". Here you can find a variety of perspectives on pedagogy and teaching informed by our experiences over the past 18 months. Each "patch" highlights a unique pedagogical skill. Click here to check it out.


Zoom Breakout Rooms Webinar

This upcoming webinar by Contact North will discuss how instructors can create an engaging breakout group experience for their students. If you have time to join live, the webinar is scheduled for this afternoon from 1-2pm. Click here to register. If you can't make it on short notice, registering will give you access to the recording.


Download Class Email List Using UTAGT

This quick guide demonstrates how you can leverage the UTAGT (Advanced Grouping Tool) in Quercus to export student emails. Click here to read.