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October 26th, 2021

Good Afternoon Rotman!  

This week we feature some new Quercus updates that were rolled out earlier this month. We also highlight an opportunity to partner with like-minded instructors across campus to learn about Quercus analytics and make data-driven decisions about course design. A link to the program's application is below.

For more information on course design, video creation, and Quercus, please visit rotmandigital.ca 

If you have feedback, questions, or would like to schedule an appointment, please reach out to us at rotmandigital@rotman.utoronto.ca.


Data Driven Design Using Quercus Analytics 

The D3:QA initiative examines opportunities provided by the Quercus Analytics module and related services aimed at enhancing instruction and learning experience. This mandate will be supported through activities and consultations enabling instructors to effectively use Quercus student data to make course redesign decisions.  The initiative is part of a broader program of learning analytics being coordinated by the office of the Vice-Provost, Innovations in Undergraduate Education.

Successful applicants will participate in a peer network that facilitates capacity development by extracting and making meaning of Quercus analytics. Informed by the available data, the network will also support instructors to modify an existing course, implement its redesign and reflect upon those redesign decisions and outcomes.

Read full details and apply to the Data Driven Design: Quercus Analytics program.

The deadline for applications is November 8, 2021 at 11:59 pm.


October Quercus Updates

October saw the release of many new features in Quercus, including the introduction of a sticky side navigation menu and the ability to change an assignment's status through SpeedGrader. Click here for more information.


How to Subscribe to the Quercus Calendar Feed using Outlook

If you would like to sync your Quercus calendar to Outlook, take a look at these instructions.


Strategies for Creating Inclusive, Engaged Hybrid Classrooms

This article discusses three strategies you can use to create a more engaging and inclusive experience for hybrid classes.  Click here to read.