Welcome to the Holiday Edition!

December 14th, 2021

Good morning! 

As we enter the final week of the 2021 Fall term our minds turn to wrapping-up courses and planning for the year ahead. As such, we've included an End-of-Term Checklist that instructors can use to conclude their courses on Quercus. We've also highlighted a new feature in Zoom that will auto-update your desktop application. No more manual updates!

The Centre for Teaching Support and Innovation's (CTSI) event calendar is also linked below. CTSI is offering a number of webinars in the new year including: Learning Outcomes & Rubrics and suggestions on how to incorporate the O365 suite of apps into your teaching.

Finally, as we move into 2022 with an anticipated (hopeful!) return to campus, we highlight an article from HBR Education on the importance of the physical campus. 

We at Rotman Digital wish everyone in the Rotman community a very safe and happy holiday!

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End-of-Term Checklist

This 5-step checklist will guide you through completion of various end-of-term tasks, including downloading recordings, communicating with students, record-keeping, and managing future access to your Quercus course page. Click here to see the checklist.


Upcoming CTSI Events

CTSI is hosting sessions exploring online learning tools in early 2022. 

Upcoming webinar topics in include:

• Teaching with Quercus: Learning Outcomes & Rubrics, January 17, 2pm

• Teaching from a Distance using Microsoft 365 Tools, January 20, 11am

• Organizing your Course Content using Microsoft 365 Tools, January 27, 11am

Click here to access the CTSI calendar and register for future events.


Zoom Auto-Updates

Zoom has recently released an auto-update feature. This allows the desktop Zoom client to update automatically and keeps you up-to-date with all of Zoom's latest features. There are two version of auto-update available: the SLOW option downloads fewer updates with greater stability. The FAST option allows you to integrate updates as they're released. Click here to learn how to update your Zoom desktop client and gain access to the auto-update feature. Click here for more general information.


The Role of a Physical Campus (Article)

There has been a dramatic shift in higher education being mainly delivered online in the past year and a half. Still, the role of the physical campus is crucial to delivering an enriching learning experience, especially in business education. This excellent article from HBR Education highlights the importance of "informal learning" that can only take place in a physical space. It states that moving forward with the best of online learning, and on-campus learning is the future of education. Click here to read the article.