March Edition

March 29th, 2022

Welcome to the early-Spring edition of the Rotman Digital Newsletter.

This month we feature MyMedia's new video recording tool as well as a comprehensive guide on importing grades from a CSV file into the Quercus Gradebook.

Below you will find a short article from Contact North on the use of learning technologies and an insightful podcast on virtual video creation from our colleagues at the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering.

Lastly, we flag an issue with the use of multiple tabs in Quercus quizzes and request your feedback on online grading tools. For more information on course design, video creation, and Quercus, please visit If you have feedback, questions, or would like to schedule an appointment, please reach out to us at


Recording Videos in MyMedia

MyMedia now offers a built-in video creation tool that allows users to record their camera, microphone, and computer screen. This is handy solution for creating quick and simple videos. All staff, faculty, and students have access. Click here to read the how-to guide.


Feedback Requested: Online Grading Tool

Online grading solutions allow instructors and TAs to grade assignments and exams digitally. The existing agreement for an online grading solution is expiring and the University is returning to the marketplace as per public sector procurement practices.  Members of the University of Toronto community are invited to provide feedback on these draft requirements by sending their comments via email (email address in the document linked below). If your feedback pertains to a specific item, please reference the item number in your message. The comment period closes April 8 , 2022

Access the Draft Requirements document here.


Quiz-writing Warning for Students 

When a Quiz is submitted, Quercus records students' answers and displays them in Speedgrader. But what happens if a student has the quiz open in multiple tabs?

Answers typed into secondary tabs may not be recorded. If the Quiz is auto-submitted, Quercus will choose a random tab and records those answers for display in Speedgrader. If the quiz is manually submitted by the student, only answers made in that current tab will be recorded.

This warning is included on our student support page, but you may want to remind  students of this as we head into final exams.


Uploading Grades from CSV into Quercus

If you have recorded grades in Excel and would like to upload them to the Quercus gradebook, please take a look at this guide for step-by-step instructions.


Contact North: 12 Golden Principles for Using Learning Technology

Tech tools that support teaching and learning are everywhere. Discerning when and where to use technology appropriately can be tricky. Contact North has published a short pamphlet highlighting their 12 golden principles for using technology effectively. Click here to read it.


MADE for U of T Podcast: Video Shooting Experience

Our colleagues at the FASE Ed Tech Office have released a podcast focused on topics in Media and Design in Education (M.A.D.E). In this short episode, professor Marianne Hatzopoulou shares her experience pivoting to a virtual video shoot. Her top tips include writing a script, being intentional about setting up your space, and the value of tip sheets. We highly recommend listening if you're planning to shoot videos for your upcoming fall and summer courses. Click here to listen to the podcast.