May Edition

May 31st, 2022

Welcome to the May edition of the Rotman Digital Newsletter.

We hope you're enjoying the warmer weather!

This month we highlight an important announcement about the new Zoom Cloud recording retention policy. The new policy will go into effect July 5th 2022. See below for more information.

Below you will find a some very short but insightful readings. The first is from Contact North on three thing we can start, stop, and improve when it comes to the utilization of educational technology. The second is an op-ed from Alexandra Mihai on innovation in higher education. Both articles are linked below.

We are pleased to welcome two summer work-study students, Mohammad Sardar Sheikh and Omer Raza Khan to the Rotman Digital team. Omer and Mohammad will be working on various projects with us throughout the summer. Welcome Mohammad and Omer!

Lastly, with the conclusion of the Teaching and Learning Symposium earlier this month, we have included a playlist with content from this year's conference. 

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Important Announcement on Zoom Cloud Recordings

U of T will be implementing a Zoom Cloud recordings retention protocol as of July 5th 2022. Zoom Cloud recordings will be saved and available for 365 days from the date of recording (this does not affect local recordings stored on your computer, only Zoom Cloud recordings). All Cloud recordings more than one year old will be deleted. Please download any important recordings you may have on the Zoom Cloud before July 5thClick here for more information on the policy and here to learn how to download your recordings.


Work-Study Students at Rotman Digital

Rotman Digital has recently welcomed two work-study students for the summer, Mohammad Sardar Sheikh and Omer Raza Khan. Omer and Mohammad will be assisting with Rotman Digital's various projects over the summer. Mohammad is currently studying Statistics, Economics, and Mathematics, and Omer is specializing in Statistical Machine Learning and Data Science. You can read more about the Rotman Digital Team here.


2022 Teaching & Learning Symposium Recap

The Teaching and Learning Symposium took place online between May 11th and 13th. There were many excellent talks centered around this year's theme, Designing for the Future. Much of the content from TLS 2022 is available to view, including the opening keynote and closing sessions. Click here to watch.


Innovation in Higher Education

This short Op-ed from Alexandra Mihai gives an interesting look at the definition of innovation in Higher Ed. Many of us may tend to associate innovation with the latest most "disruptive" educational technology. However this article argues that innovation is about much more than just the latest tech. Click here to read the article. 


EdTech - Three Things to Stop, Improve and Start

This very short read from Contact North is part six part of a six-part series, focused on Educational Technology. This articles recommends three things we can stop, start and improve in the EdTech space. Click here to read.