August Edition

August 30th 2022

Welcome to the August edition of the Rotman Digital Newsletter.

We are happy to announce that Zoom is now fully integrated with Quercus, allowing you to schedule meetings and share invites with students from inside your course page. See more information below. 

In this month’s edition we feature a course for building a welcoming home page in Quercus, a useful article highlighting five steps for designing a syllabus, and information on Connect and Learn's upcoming webinar on planning effective hybrid meetings.

You will also find an insightful article on the Future of Learning Technology and an easy-to-follow quick guide on adding TAs to your Quercus course page.

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New: Zoom – Quercus Integration

Zoom is now integrated into Quercus making it easier for instructors to schedule meetings and share invites with students. Click here to learn how to access the Zoom integration and create your first meeting.


Adding TAs to Your Course page

Adding TAs and others to your Quercus course page is super easy. Watch our video guide and learn how to do it in less than 2 minutes.


Article: 5 Steps to Designing a Syllabus

Designing a syllabus is as much art as science. Whether you're a new lecturer or a veteran, in this article you will find five tips from Harvard Business School professor Suraj Srinivasan on designing and customizing your syllabus to promote recall and application of your course content. Click here to read the article.


Asynchronous CTSI Program: Build a Welcoming Home Page in Quercus

Join CTSI's new asynchronous program focused on building a welcoming learning environment in Quercus, starting with the first thing students see - the home page. Click here to enroll.



Best Practices for Hybrid Meetings

Hybrid meetings are a great way to ensure all stakeholders can join regardless of where they are in the world. Join Connect+Learn for an overview of best practices for hybrid meetings on September 13th 11am-12pm. Learn how to organize and facilitate engaging hybrid meetings, communicate etiquette guidelines to meeting participants, and decide which technology will best serve your needs. Click here to add it to your calendar.


The Future of Learning Technology: 10 Key Tools and Methods

This webinar is a great opportunity to learn more about the future of learning technology and to get first-hand insights from Online Learning Technology Specialist Stephen Downes. Join the event on September 21st 2022 11-12pm to get a glimpse into some of the tools, methods and developments that might dominate the education market by 2030. Click here to register.