Zoom Integration Update

For those of you interested in using the Zoom integration in Quercus, we would like to draw your attention to a few important details:

1. You must log in at https://utoronto.zoom.us/ before using the Quercus integration for the first time. After that, simply logging in to Quercus will suffice.

2. When using the integration, students will be able to download cloud recordings by default. In many cases, instructors will not want students to download recordings. Currently, downloads need to be manually restricted on a video-by-video basis by logging into the Zoom portal at utoronto.zoom.us > Recordings > Share > Share settings (See explanatory gif on the Rotman Digital web page linked below)

3. If edits need to be made to existing meetings, users should edit within the same interface they used to create the meeting (e.g. if the meeting was created in Quercus, make edits there; if created at utoronto.zoom.us, make edits there).

4. If users are having trouble accessing the Zoom integration in Quercus and receive an error message reading, “The instructor’s email is invalid (error code 2216)” users should update their default email address in Quercus. Navigate to Account > Settings > and then “star” their @utoronto.ca address to make it the default. If an @rotman.utoronto.ca is defaulted, the error message above may be displayed.

For more detailed information, including screenshots please visit Rotman Digital's Zoom integration support page here: https://rotmandigital.ca/docs/quercus-zoom-integration/