Welcome Jan!

As announced last week, we are thrilled to welcome Professor Jan Mahrt-Smith as Rotman's first Online Teaching and Learning Coordinator. Jan has taught courses online for many years and brings a wealth of experience and passion to the role. Our goal is to develop a community of practice across our academic areas and programs that facilitates learning and the development of online teaching skills. If ever you have feedback or questions for the Rotman Digital staff, please contact us at rotmandigital@rotman.utoronto.ca. We are here to help.

Jeff Quinlan, Manager, Rotman Digital

Mihnea Moldoveanu, Vice Dean, Learning and Innovation

Quercus Analytics

Quercus' New Analytics function has been added as a Feature Option to all Rotman course pages. Once enabled, instructors can dive deeper into student performance and engagement across a number of dimensions, including:

• View average course grade analytics as an interactive chart graph or a data table

• Compare the course average with an individual assignment, course section, or student 

• View average weekly online participation analytics

• Send a message to all students based on specific course grade or participation criteria

• And many more

To learn more about the New Analytics tool and enable it in your course, click here.

Online Course Template

If you are teaching online for the first time this summer or simply want to explore ideas for online course design please take a look at our new Quercus course page template. You will find ideas for module configuration, assignment and quiz samples, discussion board uses, as well as the current Rotman syllabus template. Browse the template here and copy it into your course shell if you like it. Instructions on how to copy a Quercus course are available in our Rotman Quercus Resources page, here.

Mastering Case Teaching Online

To help properly set expectations, it is first necessary to appreciate both the differences and similarities between teaching cases in person and online. You can then use this foundation to implement practices that will help you master online case teaching. In some respects, you may also be pleasantly surprised to learn that teaching online enables learning opportunities that teaching in person does not. Read the full article here.